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The Magayon Restaurant 
is one of Naple's first restaurant serving Filipino and Spanish cuisine.
So you know we mean it when we say, Healthy isn't flavorless.
We offer organic and vegetarian dishes along with an abundance of other unique, yet healthy options.


At The Magayon, we care passionately about what you put in your body. Dedicated to nourishment you can trust, quality sourced from beautiful farms, and warm service that makes you feel like you’re home, we give you the options you need, regardless of dietary restrictions or choices, through the vehicle of taste and delight.

When I moved to Naples with my family it was difficult to find healthy, nutrient-dense foods to nourish them.  Between running my husband's cardiology practice and raising a family, I was a mother with barely any time to sleep; it was incredibly hard to find the best calories for your buck, without sacrificing a lot of time in prep or cooking. There was nowhere to get what we needed – slow food, served quickly.

After picking out a spot in Naples and making my dream a reality, The Magayon Restaurant finally opened on December 8th of 2017. The name was inspired by my connection to my birth home, the Bicol region in the Philippines where I originally hail from and where the famous Mayon Volcano is located. 'Magayon' means beautiful in the local tongue and is the subject of legend of the Mayon Volcano.


In honor of that heritage and my passion in life and art, was born the Magayon. By introducing the flavors of my birth home, and my husband's Dominican roots, The Magayon Restaurant will only serve you food and nourishment that is 99% sustainably sourced. We are committed to promoting organic agriculture, and supporting local growers and artisanal food producers whenever possible.


At The Magayon, we want you to be healthy, live with vitality, feel beautiful and strong, and know that your food source is safe, nutritious, and delicious.

Don't just live, live vibrantly! Come visit us.

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